Just in time for the cold weather in North Texas, the Freeze Miser is now available at Saint Jo Farm and Ranch! Protect your outdoor faucets with the Freeze Miser.

“Installation takes less than a minute. Save time & feel confident knowing your faucets are protected from freezing weather.”

“Once installed, the Freeze Miser™ doesn’t have to be closely monitored. No more wrapping, insulating, or covering your Faucets.”

“The Freeze Miser™ cuts water consumption 10 fold during freezing temperatures. No more excessive faucet dripping.”

“How it works:

  • The Freeze Miser™ operates like the thermostat in your home.

  • It senses the internal water temperature arriving to the faucet not the air temperature. It can be 40º F or -40º F, it does not care.

  • The Freeze Miser™ activates when the water temperature hits 37º F.

  • No water is allowed to drip until the activation temperature is attained.

  • As the water temperature fluctuates, so does the drip.

  • The Freeze Miser™ is on guard 24/7!”


Source: www.freezemiser.com