Double Down Deer Feed & Custom Minerals

"Feeding Year-Round Can Be the Difference!" "Feeding year round can be the difference between average and trophy of a lifetime. Feed 'em right and let 'em grow! Now is the time to get their bodies back into shape as quickly as possible after the rut. Healthier bodies mean more available nutrients for antler growth this coming [...]

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Kill Pile by Double Down Deer Feed

Double Down Deer Feed Kill Pile is now available at Saint Jo Farm and Ranch! Kill Pile is a deer mineral AND attractant all in one! Loaded with the superior ingredients that deer crave, you'll draw 'em in close. Key vitamins and minerals will boost antler growth. "It's what we are feeding them." Stop in today [...]

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Ready for Deer Season? We are!

Ready for deer season? We are! Stop and see us at Saint Jo Farm and Ranch before heading out to fill your feeders and prep your lease. We've got Boss Buffet and Super Buck plot seed mix which include a mix of wheat, oats, Austrian winter peas, crimson clover and rape seeds. We've also got deer [...]

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Double Down Deer Feed

We are excited about adding Double Down Deer Feed at Saint Jo Farm and Ranch. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, ZERO least cost rations, and ZERO grain by-products for maximizing deer antlers and bodies. This product is formulated to be fed free choice in a suitable feeder protected from rainfall. Feed year round for best [...]

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Are You Ready for Deer Season?

Who’s ready for Opening Day? We got feeders at Saint Jo Farm and Ranch!! Stop and see us and we'll help you fill your feeders and prep your deer lease. Now is the time to feed protein to deer. February through August is considered "Antler Growth Season". Feed Game Pro 16% Deer Protein. Pick up a [...]

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